Stephen Paul Boots 1897-1961

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Date Event Description Source
15 Jul 1897 Born Brownfield, Fayette County, PA
22 Aug 1961 Died

Bardons & Oliver Job Application

Steve filled out a job application on 4 May 1942 for Bardons & Oliver. The company number assigned to him was 128. The application appears to have been updated several times with new addresses and phone numbers. A final comment at the bottom notes that his last date of employment was 21 Aug 1961 and that he died on that day. The rest of the form does not appear to have been modified and is likely to be accurate as of the date it was filled out.

The original address is 1171 Addison Rd. The next address appears to be 983 Maud Ave. 6401 Bonna Ave follows, and includes a telephone number of EX-6874, based on the color of the ink used. The last address noted is 1075 E 72 St. There is some text above the first telephone entry of EN.1-1948 but it is not clear if this is a phone number or some other company information.

He was 44 at the time, married to Elizabeth Boots, identified himself as Cathlic [sic] attending St Kasmer and of Slovak nationality. Next to his date of birth a notation "Bap/C OK" occurs. He identifies himself as graduating from 8th grade, with no further education noted. The employment form covers high school, college, vocational schools and machine shop training but these entries are blank. The form includes a photo dated 5 May 1942. Notes at the bottom of the form identify him as 5'9" with brown hair, blue eyes, and a dark complexion. The photo shows a height of 6'.

There is also a notation at the bottom of the form "2nd - 5/5/42 T.L. $0.85." The 2nd in the text does not appear to mean a second round of employment with Bardons & Oliver as the information on the back of the form indicates he had not previously worked there. It is possible that 2nd means second shift.

The form captures his employment history.

Employer Type of work From - To Reason Left
White Sew Mach Co (White Sewing Machine Company) Hand Screw Mach 1935-1942 Layoff
Patten Machine Co Hand Screw mach 1932-1935 Layoff
King Bridge Co Drill Press 1932 to 1933 Layoff out of Bisnes [sic]
Lyon Taylor Co Presser 1928 to 1932 Layoff
White Sew Mach Co 1922-1927

The application also captures his family as of May 1942. His father Thos (presumably Thomas) Boots is living at 6726 St Clair Ave as a laborer. His mother Mary Boots is living at 1075 E 72 St with no stated occupation. This suggests they might have been separated or divorced but that is not a certainty. His wife Elizabeth Boots is living at 1171 Addison Rd with no stated occupation. Two children are listed, Eliz and Eddie, at 1171 Addison Rd with no stated occupation. A "14" next to Eliz suggests she is 14 years old. There is what looks like an "R" next to her name but it is not clear what this means. A "16" next to Eddie suggests he is 16 years old. There is a name "Novak" next to his name.

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