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A few general notes about the content of this website.

Information on living people is avoided where feasible. Their names may appear in information publicly available such as obituaries and census records (up to 1940 as of this writing), but should not otherwise be on the website.

My reports refer to people by their birth names. This is by genealogical convention. Items like newspaper articles contain whatever name they may be using at the time. No attempt is made to change this kind of text. Some explanations may be added as a note to clarify a person's identity.

If you are interested in the sources used on the website, please ask. The sources are not cited as professionally and as completely as they should be. Good source notations help serious researchers locate the original documents used and provide clues on how accurate the information might be. As time passes, hopefully I can clean this up. For further reading on citing genealogical sources, I recommend the books written by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

As with any historical reports, any of my conclusions may be in error. Conclusions are based on the source materials and I may have misinterpreted, misunderstood, or misapplied the information. Or the source materials themselves may have mistakes on them. Hopefully as time passes these types of errors can be found and corrected. I again refer the reader to the books written by Elizabeth Shown Mills for guidelines on interpreting source materials.

I have not published everything I have. Some stuff is hardcopy filed in my file cabinets, some stuff I haven't gotten to, and some stuff was published by others and I haven't obtained permissions to use them on the website.

If you, the reader, see something on the website that is in common with your research, please drop me a line at I would love to hear from you.

Happy Browsing!