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John F. Gough Overcome By Gas and Dies From the Effects.

John F. Gough, father of E. Gough,[2] chief engineer at the Bucyrus Water Works, was overcome by gas at the home of his son on Water street, Wednesday night, and died from the effects. The facts concerning his death, as learned from his son this morning, are as follows:

Mr. Gough retired to his room at about 8:30 o’clock and some time after this hour, the rest of the family retired with the exception of Mr. Gough’s daughter, Mary. About 10:45 the daughter noticed the odor of escaping gas and made a search to learn from what source it came. On opening the door of her father’s room she found the room full of gas and she immediately opened the window and tried to rouse her father. Finding him unconsious she called her brother, Mr. Gough, Jr.,[3] who also went in the room and tried to rouse him. Being unable to do so he telephoned for Dr. Yoemans who arrived at the house in about twenty minutes. When the physician arrived Mr. Gough was breathing his last and died in a very short time.

It seems that Mr. Gough closed the door and window of his room on retiring, as the air was rather cool. An inspection of the gas jet showed that the valve was loose and worked very easily, leading to the conclusion that, when Mr. Gough turned off the gas, he accidently opened the valve after the flame was extinguished.

John F. Gough was born in Davis [sic] county, Kentucky, Feb. 9, 1851. Until about a year ago he lived with his daughter, Mary, at Owensboro, Kentucky, but at that time gave up housekeeping, and he and the daughter came to this city to make their home with his son, E. Gough. He had been on a visit to relatives in St. Louis and Evansville, Ind., and returned about about [sic] six weeks ago. He was not engaged in active business but lived a retired life.

Besides the son and daughter in this city he leaves a son, Wm. Gough, in St. Louis, Mo., and a daughter, Mrs. H. P. Deshler, of Evansville, Ind. The body was taken to Owensboro, Ky., at one o’clock this afternoon and burial will occur there on Saturday.

Coroner Marquart came over from Crestline this morning, and after taking testimony in the case, decided that the deceased came to his death by accidental suffocation. The death of the father comes as a great shock to the children and they have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

Additional notes needing sourcing and clarification

John F. Gough may have been commonly called Frank by those close to him, as census records and the Owensboro KY newspaper obituary indicate. The Owensboro KY obituary in particular matches the above obituary in many respects, yet it names him as Frank. His parents were likely William Gough and Mildred Thompson. His wife was Susan Daniel. They were married 9 Feb 1874 in Owensboro KY, and she died there in Jan 1888. Their children included Emmett (~1875), Lydia (~1877), Estill (~1879), William and Mary (1883). It is not known if this list is complete, nor just who Mrs H P Deshler is. Mary Belle Gough married Joseph Sens in Bucyrus on 30 Jun 1903. Notes prepared by James M Sens on 30 May 2002.

Notes and References

  1. The Bucyrus Evening Telegraph, 4 Sep 1902, Page 3 Column 3. Ohio Historical Society microfilm 34346, covering 1 Jul 1902 through 31 Mar 1903, Bucyrus Telegraph Newspaper.
  2. E. Gough is likely Emmett Gough.
  3. It is not clear exactly who Mr. Gough, Jr. might be. The obituary text suggests this is Emmett. I do not have evidence that John Frank Gough had a son named either John or Frank who might logically be called Junior.